The Shopping Mall

Group all the shops and business together under one online mall and let each shop / business add their own information, special offers, jobs & events via their secure login.

Community news , facebook & twitter links can be displayed, and info relevant to the shopping centre such as news & events.

The Store

Individual shops and businesses can add their opening hours, contact details, instore promotions, events, gallery, video and links to other sites such as Facebook,Twitter or their website under the umbrella of the main shopping centre portal.

Each shop / business will have their own individual administration login. Think of each business having their own micro website with everything you need on one beautifully laid out profile page.To add our optional ecommerce option please see our ecommerce directories solution  which will allow stores to trade online.

Each store can add their own promotions / events / jobs  which are fully searchable throughout the site and categorised. Events displayed on the site with a calendar. Each store can optionally activate store comments and ratings based on their customers experiences and feedback. Visitors can add their photo and mini profile plus contribute to the site. Promotions : select a store each month or week to promote on the home page with offers to special promotions. Generate Income via online advertisements.

Each shop / business can easily turn on / off logos that might represent certain features of the store such as late opening hours, food server, coffee served, acceptance of payment vouchers.

The Shopping Mall

We have over 100 tutorial videos on our You tube channel recorded by our lead programmer.
Check out our intro video below.

The Administrator

A top level administration login will allow the shopping centre to add or remove shops as necessary or even update individual entries. This top level admin will also have control over web pages that contain information on the shopping centre as a whole.

There are a myriad of setup options such as store categories / branding and hundreds of options to ensure the store profile page contains all the information you need. Each store will have access to their own analytics area where they can view store hits and promotion hits etc...

The shopping centre portal has been designed for smartphone use for the customer and smartphone support to administer the site - an app can be downloaded to manage the store plus individual store users can update via a dedicated app.


Click below to see a demonstration of a shopping center.

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SMax SAAS Pre-configured for use as a shopping mall. You will have a custom instance setup for you straight away.