"Amazon" style eCommerce, Classifieds, Bookings , Fast food ordering & delivery , Paid Reservations

  • Sell classifieds
  • Sell Any Listings
  • Artisans selling crafts
  • Sell reservations / bookings
  • Sell teaching courses
  • Hire with paid reservations
  • Fast food deliveries
  • Book Restaurant Table and Pay

Build and manage an internet directory with e-commerce availability for all members. We aim to be the industry leaders in this fast paced internet technology allowing multiple stores to trade under one website yet have all the functionality one would expect of a dedicated e-commerce website.

There are now so many internet sites offering e-commerce we believe strength lies in numbers and our solution can group individual small businesses or members to operate their own store under the guise of a top level site which can operate with a far larger marketing budget.

Our e-commerce directory sites are not restricted to selling products but can be downloadable goods or reservations which require to book online.

Visit our online reservation system for more information.

eCommerce Technical Info

Customisable reports output to csv
Custom images on main call to action buttons such as Add To Cart etc...
Unlimited product options easily setup such as colour, size, type which can alter price and weight of product.
Order nots for customer and admin view
Color coded simple to manage order fullfillment system using month, view, day view agenda diaries.
Possible to set custom order fullfillment steps and search by these steps such as picking order ,wrapping order
Advanced Promotional discount system
Individual product Taxes
Choose countries to deliver to.
Choose taxes for individual countries and states
Featured items on home page
Puchase of downloadable files
Integration with major payment gateways including Paypal, Paybox and SagePay.
Add custom offline payment plans such as payment by cheque, by cash, by ticket restaurant.
Comments and feedback system attached to each product if activated
Store requiring login to view (optional)
Custom form designs
Similar products
Private categories for customers
Unlimited delivery options
Easily perform test transaction
Fidelity / loyality points system
Simple delivery system requiring a time of day selected by the customer to be delivered - can be used for fast food delivery delivered that day
Custom layouts
Nested 3 level categories
Preset crop area to ensure all thumbnails are the same size
Set a minimum order value
Ability to order within the administration area
Offline ordering
Define custom fields
Easily define which contact fields are visible and required for the customer
Label fields exactly to your requirements.
Mini shopping cart displayed on website
Embed shopping cart to 3rd party sites as well as managing from central site.
Add Order notes viewable to customer

Irish Crafts

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eCommerce Portals

We have over 100 tutorial videos on our You tube channel recorded by our lead programmer.
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SMax SAAS Pre-configured for use as a mini "amazon" style eCommerce hub.  You will have a custom instance setup for you straight away.