The eXchange Hub

Suitable for Charities, Fund Raising Sites , Communities , Clubs & Assocations , Meet & Greet Celebrity Fund raisers

A true social network with chat, profiles, comments and search...

  • Trade services or products between other members on the site using a virtual currency!
  • Users join a network and exchange their time between members with credits or tokens but not money. If you do a task or service for someone you receive the credits you demanded for the job from the other member in a totally cashless transaction.

    This could be 10 credits or 50 credits you set the amount you require for the service or product your offer.The more stuff you do or sell the more credits you gain and you can use these to purchase items from the site. You can top up your credit balance at any time using Paypal.

  • Each member on the site can be star rated and comments left for jobs done or items sold.
  • Members that wish to top up their credit balance without performing tasks or selling items can purchase credits via Paypal.